Welcome to our adoptable page! These guys have graduated from our foster program and are now looking for a home to call their own.  Please click on their picture to find out more about our dogs!  If you are interested in starting the adoption process, please click the link at the bottom of the page to download to access our online adoption application.  Please note that only completed applications will be considered.  It may seem lengthy, but we are trying to make sure that every dog is matched to their most suitable home, so both you and your dog can have a fairy tail ending.

Adoption Process

Our adoption process begins with an application.  Once we receive your completed application it is submitted for review by our adoption team.  If we decide to proceed with the adoption, the next step is a phone interview.  After the interview, we schedule an appointment for our team to conduct a home visit, and meet and greet with the dog you are applying for.  This home interview may include a handeling assesment, depending on the experience requirments for the dog, and must include all members of the household, two- and four-legged.  The whole adoption process may take several weeks or more.  Please keep in mind that we are a volunteer run organization and we do our best to accommodate everyones' schedules.

Adoption Policies

We generally like to adopt to homes in the Ottawa area.  This allows us to provide the proper after-adoption support that we feel is essential in the rehoming of our dogs.  If you are located outside of our area and you are approved for adoption, you must travel to the foster home in person, as we will not ship dogs. 

Because of the unknown background, and often because of the sheer size of our dogs, we do not adopt to homes with young children or infants. 

Adoption Fees

The adoption fee for most dogs is $500.  This fee covers the spay or neuter, all vaccinations, microchipping and a full veterinary check up.  This is the standard adoption fee, but please be aware that because of the additional cost associated with some of the extra large breeds the adoption fee for some dogs may be higher.  Likewise, we may reduce or eliminate the adoption fee for senior or hospice dogs.