All of the Ivy Roads dogs are fostered in-home by our volunteers.  Ivy Roads is always looking for dedicated homes to foster for us so that we can help as many dogs as possible.  We recognize that fostering can seem, at times, like a thankless job, but the difference you can make in a dog's life is immeasurable.  Although we provide the food and veterinary care, being a foster home will almost always require some monetary investment (most foster homes like to provide their foster pooch with a few toys that they can take with them, and treats always help greatly with training), and of course there is huge investment of energy.  There will most definitly be a few sleepless nights, a number of peed-on blankets and rugs, and probably a few destroyed toys, but if you're up for the job the payoff is incredibly rewarding. 

If you think you might want to foster for Ivy Roads Canine Rescue please email us at!  As we are a small rescue, at this moment we are only able to work with foster homes in the National Capital Region (Ottawa area) in Ontario, Canada.